Titan Outdoor Blanket

Your Trusted Outdoor Companion.

The ultimate waterproof, cozy, and multi-functional outdoor blanket


Soft inside, tough outside: the Titan Outdoor Blanket is your ultimate versatile adventure companion.


Converts into a camp blanket, poncho and minimalist sleeping bag. Be ready for any adventure!

Weatherproof and Flame Resistent

Waterproof exterior and resisting to the sparks of your campfire, to enjoy long and cozy nights in the wild!


Our ultra plush fleece will make you cozy everwhere!

"Titan" is more than a name, it’s the commitment that our products are enduring, resilient, and always here to support your outdoor endeavors.


"I've had enough of gear that promises the world but under-delivers. When I read about the Titan Outdoor Blanket — with its waterproof features, sherpa fleece, and multiple uses — I was sold. It's not just a blanket; it's an investment in countless future adventures. I will purchase as soon as pre-orders are opening!"

Liam P. from Asheville, NC

"I'm always on the lookout for gear that's both practical and sustainable. The Titan Blanket caught my eye not just because of its multi-functionality, but also the brand's commitment to the environment. Purchasing Titan feels right to me"

Samantha D. from Boulder, CO
Ships in June 2024

Ships in June 2024

Pre-orders open in May



Why is the Titan Outdoor Blanket so special?

🔥Dive into the world of Titan! Our blanket is not just any blanket - it is versatile (double as a poncho or a sleeping bag), it is nature-proof (waterproof and flame-resistant), and oh-so-comfortable with its sherpa fleece lining. Designed from years of outdoor gear expertise, it is crafted to be your trusted outdoor companion!

When will I receive my Titan blanket if I pre-order?

🌠 Adventure awaits! Pre-orders open in November 2023, and we aim to ship the first Titan Outdoor Blankets by February 2024. Gear up for some epic outdoor moments!

Can I trust the Titan blanket to last?

🛡 Absolutely! Just as the Titans symbolize unmatched strength, our blanket is crafted to withstand the test of time. The unique material we are using for the exterior of the blanket is waterproof and flame-resistant, so you can go out with peace of mind. We also paid high attention to the stitching quality.

Where and when can I use the Titan blanket?

⛺ Anytime, anywhere! From campfire nights under the stars to cozy movie marathons at home, the Titan Outdoor Blanket adapts to all your adventures and relaxing moments.

How does the Titan blanket respect the environment?

🌍 We cherish Mother Earth! Our commitment to durability reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing waste. Plus, we pledge 1% of our revenue to tree planting and reforestation, giving back to the ultimate Titan – our planet.

Where are you in the development of the Titan blanket, and should I expect any product changes between the pre-order and delivery?

✨Exciting times ahead! The Titan Outdoor Blanket is in its final stages of development. As we're relentlessly committed to perfection, there might be some minor tweaks and visual changes based on feedback and testing. But rest assured, these changes only aim to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations and embodies the true Titan spirit!

We Give Back

At the heart of every Titan Equipment product is our unwavering commitment to the environment. For us, durability is more than about creating long-lasting products: it is first and foremost about reducing the frequency of replacements and the resultant waste. We want you to buy right, and only once.

We don’t stop there; 1% of our revenue goes towards tree planting and reforestation initiatives, ensuring that we give back to Earth, the ultimate Titan.

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